Atlanta's 1st Annual Sustainable Lifestyle Event

Sponsor & Vendor Info

Please click on this link to request vendor/sponsorship information:  LHHG Sponsorship/Vendor Request Form or fill out the form below.


Living Healthy, Happy and Green (LHHG) Sustainability Block Party 2011 invites you to participate in our inaugural year to help in one of the most exciting and value-enriched community event in Atlanta this year and years to come.  By participating, you are sponsoring arts, entertainment, education, health awareness, humanitarian and green programs under one umbrella, where you can target your services and products while solidifying recognition of your company as an active leader in sustainability for public and private sectors.  Ultimately, you can build a value-enrich long lasting and loyal relationship with consumers in Atlanta and throughout the world.

Sponsorship package table of contents:


  • Cover Page
  • Introduction Letter
  • Founders Profile
  • LHHG Block Party Fact Sheet
  • Demographics, Stage and Site Detail
  • Sponsorship/Vendor Benefits
  • Sponsor/Vendor Agreement

Where your sponsorship dollars are going and how LHHG is supporting the economy:

  • Hosting Leonard Robinson radio personality and founder of KDEE 97.5 EnviroBro Show located in Sacramento, CA for exchange of leading age ideas of environmental programs and policies.  EnviroBro Show is a leading Green Economy and Environmental program in California, and across the nation as well as internationally
  • Workshops to provide assistance to farmers/food industry professionals at filling out Permanent and Temporary Foreign Labor Certification
  • Security & Recycling
  • Stage and Sound Equipment
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Permits
  • Case Study
  • Awards Honoring Amazing Sustainable Leaders and Pioneers
  • Film Screenings
  • LHHG Sustainability Empowerment Panels, Workshops and Demonstrations highlighting festival vendors, sponsors and invited guest who are pro-active in sustainable economy, stewardship, environment and social equity programs and policies for public and private sectors.
  • Post Events
  • Support Artist New York Foundation for the Arts
  • Kid’s Area Learning and Movement Center
  • Legal and Account Fees
  • Technicians & Contractors

LHHG wants artists, corporations, small businesses, humanitarians, community and civic agencies to get involved and become one of the LHHG Sustainability Block Party’s supporters.  We are asking for your assistance to help provide this opportunity to our community.  There is a limited amount of space for the LHHG Sustainability Block Party.  We suggest an early response to reserve your space as soon-as-possible.  LHHG looks forward to working with you and enlightening the community about regional and community sustainability initiatives and or goals.  Attached to this email is information about our Corporation and programs.  For more information please contact LHHG at:
Living Healthy, Happy and Green

P.S. Living Healthy Happy and Green Corp is a non-profit corporation and fiscally sponsored by Artspire, a program of New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA), a 501(c) (3), tax exempt organization.  Checks on behalf of LHHG Corp must be made payable to “Artspire, a program of NYFA.”



One response

  1. Looking forward to vending at your event in October!

    August 9, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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