Atlanta's 1st Annual Sustainable Lifestyle Event

Founder’s Profile & LHHG Services

Vanessa Turner, Founder of LHHG Non Profit Corp

Vanessa Turner is the executive director and founder of Living Healthy, Happy and Green (LHHG), a non-profit corporation created to bring together a coalition of public, private and non-profit sectors to highlight humanitarians and present sustainable innovations, resources and information. Vanessa envisioned 10 years ago making sustainability planning efforts easier for average people in all socioeconomic groups to understand by providing precise information in simple, plain language.

Vanessa is a lifelong educator and community servant who earned a master of arts degree in history, theory and criticism from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, and a master of fine arts degree in design, management and technology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.  In her 20s she began working in her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, where she helped organize both the Madam Walker Theater’s children arts summer program and the Indianapolis Black Expo Soul Fest, which incorporated sports, concerts and cook-offs into a weeklong community event.  She also sat on the board of directors of the festival for eight years where she learned how to build a community event from some of the best grassroots-organizers.

Most importantly, Vanessa wants share the common threads of her childhood and adult experiences with others.  It’s natural for Vanessa to want to help everyone get back to nature because her family role models were proponents of green and small community living.  Her childhood holidays and summers were spent alternating between the sustainable lifestyles of both sets of her grandparents: one lived on a farm in Tennessee and the other in Kentucky, where they fished, canned and lived a minimum-waste, community-driven lifestyle.  Reflecting on her goal for the Sustainability Block Party 2011, Vanessa says, “This is one more step on the road to enlightenment for all the residents of Atlanta and our global neighbors to come together for this important aim of the Living Happy, Healthy and Green humanitarian and sustainability initiative.”

Contact Vanessa Turner, Executive Director of Living Healthy, Happy and Green Non Profit Corp.

****Please Request Business and Organization Workshop Series  “LHHG’s Integrity, Goal Setting and Green Portfolio Workshop”


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