Atlanta's 1st Annual Sustainable Lifestyle Event

LHHG Electronics Recycling Drop-off Oct 22-23, 2011 – 11am-7pm

LHHG Electronics Recycling Drop off Oct 22-23, 2011 11am-7pm 42 Bennett St, Atl, 30309 (between Piedmont Hospital & Houston's Restaurant)

Sponsored by Electronics Recycling Services

Go to for event schedule

LHHG is collecting Electronics and working computers can be donated to in-need schools/students during LHHG Sustainability Block Party, Oct 22-23, 2011, 11am-7pm 42 Bennett Street, Atlanta, GA 30309


Collecting-no fee
LCD Monitors, Phone Systems, Cell Phones, CRT Monitors, POS equipment, Cabling Computers / Laptops,
Electronic Components, Media Scanner products, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, DVR/VCR, Printers, Servers / Switches,
Electronic devices, Digital Cameras, CD Rom/DVD/CDRW, Medical Devices, PDA/Handheld devices, Industrial switching,
Microwaves, Dry-Sealed Rechargeable Batteries.


Collecting with fee: TV’s (Nominal Charge /@$20 due to lead content and disposal restrictions)


Not Collecting: Kitchen electronics will not be accepted.


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